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Expert Home Services has been a one-man operation since it was established. The majority of work is completed on behalf of a corporate customer whom I contract for. With the steady increase of private customers, and now a second corporate customer, jobs are getting booked so far in advance that I'm losing out on opportunities because customers (understandably) don't want to wait weeks for their project to get started, and potentially a month or more for larger projects to be completed. Hence, this job posting. I'm looking for someone who will work almost like a partner, someone whom I can trust to gradually take on more responsibilities than just field work as the business expands. So I'm really looking for someone who is serious about the job. I'm also not looking to squeeze every buck out of a customer or an employee, I don't run that type of business, work should be enjoyable, and compensation should be fair - "Work to live, not live to work."


Right now I'm looking for either a  1) Skilled individual with experience in some or all of the work types listed below. Or 2) Fast-learning individual with experience using hand & power tools (basic tools required).


Must be willing to travel to job locations in and around Greensboro & Winston-Salem. Must have own tools and ability to transport some building materials. For the first 6 weeks the starting salary is $125/day, most jobs take less than 6 hours. After the first six weeks we'll decide together on what's fair compensation. Graduation/certification from a CC or Technical program is a HUGE plus, especially if it's apartment or property maintenance/management related.


Email your resume to with the subject line "Job application" - submissions without a resume won't be considered - it's my way of knowing that you're serious about the job.


Examples of the type of work:

Decks and fencing 

Siding/gutters/soffit & fascia 

Pressure washing


Sheetrock (drywall) hanging and repair

Millwork (baseboards/moulding and trim)


Interior painting

Exterior painting

Minor electrical and plumbing

Carpentry (excluding framing)

Doors & Windows




If you don't have experience in all of the areas that's okay, send in your resume and we'll talk options.

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